DeepMind s.r.o.

DeepMind Company Ltd. is registered since 2016, but its founders and members are active together since 2012 and therefore they are able to provide professional services with a personal touch.

The best balance in our team consists of representation of all areas of digital art - 2D & 3D design, graphic design, videomaking, digital art, online design - only because we want to bring beautiful, innovative
and courageous solutions for our

"We will keep you
at the top." - DeepMind

Our works

DeepMind s.r.o.

9/93, Ľubľanská street
010 08 Žilina, Slovak Republic

ID: 50 083 163

TIN: 2120180403

+421 948 614 636

IBAN: SK7302000000003599004959

Registered at
Žilina District Court, File number: 64851/L